Awarding process

What do I do with my SAR?

Students should review the information on the SAR very carefully for accuracy or updates. If you need to change any information, contact the Office of Financial Aid for instructions. If no changes are required, no action is needed. Keep the SAR for your records.

What should I do if I have not received an Award email from VCU?

Check your SAR to make sure you have VCU listed as one of the recipients of your FAFSA data. If VCU is not listed, contact the federal processor at 1-(800)-433-3243 to add VCU to the schools authorized to receive this information. VCU’s Title IV school code is 003735. Be sure to have your SAR available when you call; you will need to give the representative the four-digit Data Release Number (DRN) assigned to your SAR. If VCU is listed on your SAR, call the Office of Financial Aid to verify that your FAFSA data was received.

When will I receive an offer of aid from VCU?

New students admitted for the fall term are offered aid beginning in late March. Returning students are offered aid in mid-June, after the office has checked satisfactory academic progress. All students will be notified via email when their aid offers can be viewed on eServices.

What if I have unusual circumstances that affect my financial aid status?

If any of the following circumstances apply to you or your family, check with your financial aid counselor immediately to see if this might affect your financial aid application:

  • Divorce of parents or you from your spouse
  • Death of a major wage earner
  • Loss of employment of a major wage earner
  • Loss of other income or benefits (such as Social Security or child support) by you, your parents, or your spouse
  • Unusually high medical or dental expenses

Can my awards change?

Yes. As stated in various publications from the VCU Office of Financial Aid, initial financial aid awards are our best estimate of what you are eligible to receive and are based on full-time, full-year status. Most changes in awards, however, involve factors which are under your control, or of which you should be aware. Your award may be increased, reduced, or even canceled if:

  • Your family financial circumstance changes, causing your need to change
  • You receive any additional outside resource, such as a privately awarded scholarship, which was not listed on your Award Letter
  • You provided incorrect data on your FAFSA or Renewal FAFSA
  • You are not maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • You are suspended by your college or by the University
  • You do not enroll for the required number of hours to receive aid through programs awarded you