My Student Aid Report (SAR) says that I was selected for a process called “verification;” should I send in my tax forms and other paperwork before you ask for it?

No. Because VCU participates in the federal Quality Assurance Program, we do not participate in the regular federal verification process. You should not submit tax forms unless we specifically ask for them.

My SAR is not accurate. Do I need to correct it?

Because corrections to your financial aid application data may affect your eligibility, you should contact our office to find out whether or not your corrections are necessary and whether or not the corrections can be made by us electronically.

I turned my SAR into another school but I’ll be coming to VCU; what should I do?

At VCU, you do not need to submit your SAR to us since we will receive your FAFSA data electronically as long as VCU and its Title IV School Code is listed on your FAFSA.