Financial aid and Accelerated Programs

Accelerated program enrollment and financial aid
VCU offers several degree programs where students may earn both a bachelor's and a master's degree. Many of these accelerated degree programs allow students to enroll in graduate courses before the undergraduate degree has been conferred. Students who have not yet earned their undergraduate degree while enrolled in one of these programs may be classified as a graduate student depending on their status in the program. The student's financial aid eligibility will be affected depending on his or her student classification at the university as noted below.

Undergraduate aid
As an accelerated degree student, you are considered an undergraduate student until you are matriculated into the graduate portion of your program, and you should file your FAFSA as such. You are eligible to receive your undergraduate scholarships and grants for those semesters.

Graduate aid
Once you become matriculated into the graduate portion of your program, you are considered a graduate student, and are no longer eligible for your undergraduate scholarships and grants. Federal loan eligibility will increase for most students because of the higher graduate student borrowing maximum. You should file your FAFSA as a graduate student, and contact your graduate program about any merit-based aid they may have available.