Suspension letters

For all students, Satisfactory Academic Progress is reviewed at the end of the spring semester. When a student fails to meet established Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements, a financial aid suspension letter is sent to the student indicating the type of SAP violation (the letter may also indicate SAP warning conditions).

A student whose eligibility for financial aid has been suspended may submit an appeal if mitigating circumstances prevented the student from achieving Satisfactory Academic Progress.

The SAP Appeal form should be submitted to the VCU Office of Financial Aid within 30 days after receiving the suspension letter. Whether or not a student receives a suspension letter, each student is expected to understand the SAP requirements and monitor his/her academic performance.

Probation status

Students who have regained eligibility for federal financial aid due to an approved Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeal will be assigned a Probation status. Students will be eligible to receive federal financial aid for one semester and must be meeting the established SAP requirements at the end of that semester before he or she will be able to receive federal financial aid for future semesters. If a student cannot meet the established SAP appeal requirements in the semester, he or she will be placed on an Academic Plan. The student has to meet the established SAP requirements and set deadlines as defined in the Academic Plan.