Requirements for undergraduate students

This category of students includes baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate.

GPA – The student’s cumulative GPA must be a least at the GPA minimum for appropriate grade level. Transfer hour are included. Please see the table below:

Credit Hours Attempted GPA Minimum
1-23 1.5
24-53 1.8
54-84 2.0
85 or above 2.0

Completion Rate – The student must complete at least 67% of their overall attempted hours at VCU (transfer and A.P. credit hours are included). Please see below for examples of earned credits needed to meet the Completion Rate requirement:

Grade Level Credit Hours Attempted Number of Earned Credits needed to meet Completion Rate
Freshman 23 16
Sophomore 53 36
Junior 84 57

Maximum Credits of Eligibility – The student must not attempt more than 150% of the hours required for their degree program (including transfer and A.P. credits hours). Please see below for an example:

Example: A student in an undergraduate program that requires 120 credit hours will have eligibility for aid suspended after attempting more than 180 credit hours.